VMware Workstation Capture video-VMware Workstation捕捉视频功能没有了
软件交流 / 2014年12月7日

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VMware Workstation11已经出来了,可能是从VMware Workstation10开始,我们熟悉的一个VMware Workstation功能消失不见了,VMware Workstation 捕捉视频功能没有了.很多人以为是版本完整或激活过程造成的.其实不然,是VMware Workstation官方取消了这个功能,详情请参考:https://communities.vmware.com/thread/454265
As you mentioned, the quality of the movie capture has degraded seriously as screen resolutions have increased. In the Workstation 9 timeframe, the quality had become so bad that we didn’t have a choice, but to remove it. We are exploring options to bring it back using a different technology, but this is more difficult than it looks. The movie capturing capability takes place in the virtualization layer and needs to be implemented such that it doesn’t negatively impact the overall performance and scalability of VMware’s hypervisor. We have attempted to make some improvements but they resulted in unaccepable consequences – specifically they were too processor intensive, so we are back to the drawing board. The good news is that we have some ideas!
原意是:捕捉视频功能截获的屏幕质量很差,影响到VMware Workstation的整体性能,所以他们取消了这个功能,但是他们正在考虑新的技术来重建这个功能.