Linux / 2013年08月17日

SMTube allows to search, play and download Youtube videos. Videos are played back with a media player (by default SMPlayer) instead of a flash player, this allows better performance, particularly with HD content. SMTube also allows to download the videos, with the quality you choose. Several videos can be downloaded at a time.
SMTube is included in SMPlayer’s menus, to run it just select Youtube browser in the Options menu in the SMPlayer main window, or just press F11.

SMTube允许Youtube视频搜索,播放和下载。视频回放与媒体播放器(默认情况下,SMPlayer播放器),而不是一个flash播放器,这允许更好的性能,尤其是高清内容。 SMTube也可以下载视频,你选择的质量。几部影片可以下载的时间。
SMTube SMPlayer播放器的菜单中,它只是运行SMPlayer的主窗口中,在“选项”菜单中选择YouTube浏览器,或者只是按F11。